Rare C. peguensis gecko at our summer wildlife photography camp in Thailand.

Summer Wildlife Photography Camp – Join Us!

In 2018, we’re offering a 5, 7, and 14 day WILDLIFE PHOTOGRAPHY CAMP for enthusiastic photographers who want to increase their skills shooting wildlife of Thailand in one of the most scenic places in the world – KRABI, Thailand.


Summer campers at Photography Camp in Thailand.

WHAT Do Camp Participants take Photos of?

  • Over 300 different REPTILES and AMPHIBIANS in our local area!
  • Thousands of INSECT species!
  • Scores of BIRDS – including the lovely PITTAS
  • Bats, OWLS, night jars, SLOW LORISES, CALUGOS, Squirrels, Gliding Squirrels, Hog Badgers, Leopards and other Wild Cats, Mudskippers, Macaques, GIBBONS, Pangolin, and some other larger mammals (no TIGERS!)

WHEN Do Your Photography Camps Start?

When can you arrive? We keep the camp dates very flexible, so we can fit your busy schedule. We are accepting students year round in 2018 and 2019. Please give as much advance notice as possible so we can arrange our schedule to accommodate the photography camp.

A python found by John Paul during a field trip in a rainforest park. This is a reticulated python - one of many snakes we can find.

WHO can Join the Camps?

Anyone over 18 years of age can join one of the photography camps providing you don’t have a major physical disability that we cannot accommodate. (We’ll try!)

WHICH Gear Do You Need?

That depends on you. You’ll need a camera that allows you as many manual settings as possible. We strongly recommend a Nikon or Canon DSLR, but your equipment shouldn’t keep you from choosing our wildlife photo camp. A DSLR with multiple lenses is ideal. We’ll give you specific recommendations for lenses and camera bodies below if you need some help to decide what might work best.

Here’s another page where we recommend Our Favorite Photography Gear >

Our Photography Camp Covers:

  • finding wildlife in Thailand’s rainforest by Day or Night!
  • extensive instruction about correct settings for wildlife photography
  • briefings on wildlife behavior according to species and group
  • the chance to photograph some exotic wildlife species like Tarantulas, King Cobras, Monocled Cobras, Kraits, and other deadly animals in a safe environment under safe conditions

Camp Fees Cover:

  • staying in wilderness bungalow with large porch (hot water, electricity, refrigerator, other conveniences)
  • 3-meals each day at our amazing on-site restaurant
  • 1-on-1 photography instruction by one of our 3 expert wildlife photographers
  • all transportation, including to and from the airport
  • national park fees
  • kayaking fees

Tarantula found on field trip during our summer wildlife photography camp in Thailand.

Summer Wildlife Photography Camp Fees 2018

  • 5-Day Photography Camp – $1,920 ($400 deposit)
  • 7-Day Photography Camp – $2,625 ($400 deposit)
  • 14-Day Photography Camp – $4,900 ($600 deposit)
White bug at wildlife photography camp.

Maybe my favorite bug ever! Found this at 1 am. It was too small to see details until I looked through my macro lens and almost cried with joy!

5-Day Photography Camp Instructional Focus

  1. Gear mastery. Learn to shoot incredible wildlife photography in Thailand’s rainforest, using the gear you brought. You’ll learn about shooting in daylight and night with telephoto, wide, and macro lenses. You’ll learn how to choose the best settings for the situation. We’ll calibrate your camera to shoot with perfect focuses with your lenses (when possible). We’ll recommend other gear you can buy later to help you shoot better.
  2. Sharp photos. We’ll cover repeatedly all the factors that go into shooting razor sharp photos.
  3. Macro. We’ll focus heavily on shooting macro photos during the night, and daytime, covering best practices. We’ll build an inexpensive macro-rig for your camera to help you get the most out of your macro photography.
  4. Field trips to shoot a variety of wildlife. We’ll kayak to shoot birds. We’ll climb mountain trails to find birds, gibbons, gliding lizards, forest lizards, and bugs. We’ll stay out until midnight in some safe park-like areas and find a wide range of wildlife active at night.

7-Day Photography Camp Instructional Focus

We’ll cover all of the material from the 5-Day camp, and include more field trips.

14-Day Photography Camp Focus

We’ll cover all the 5-Day camp material and also focus on whatever aspects of the hobby you’d like to really master. Includes many field trips.

That’s what we offer! If you’re interested, but not quite sure if this is for you – send us any questions you have and we’ll respond quickly. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most people – you will get your money’s worth, and you will learn how to take really great photos in a short time.

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