Here is a high definition (HD) wildlife photo gallery you can look at to get a taste of what wildlife in Southeast Asia is like! These images are of wildlife in Thailand, Laos, and Malaysia.

I have been here in Thailand for 13 years, and I’ve been taking photos in the rainforest for a decade. If you want to get something like this – contact me and we’ll see if we can set you up for a wildlife field trip from Krabi, Thailand.

Indo-Chinese Rat Snake - Ptyas korros. Thailand Wildlife.

The Indo-Chinese rat snake is one of the coolest snakes in Thailand. Abnormally large eyes compared to the head size. Thailand wildlife is really something special.

A blood python laying eggs in Southern Thailand. Wildlife in Thailand's south is plentiful.

I was lucky to catch this adult blood python laying eggs in captivity at a snake show in Thailand. Thailand wildlife.

Mock viper close-up on the head. Psammodynastes pulverulentus. One of the rare species of wildlife in Thailand.

Close up head-shot of a snake in Thailand called the “Mock Viper.” It is not a true viper, and non-venomous, it cannot harm human beings. These snakes are somewhat rare, I’ve only found a dozen of them in as many years. Thailand Wildlife.

Thailand wildlife - mock viper full body. Southern Thailand.

This small mock viper didn’t look like much on the road, but I stopped to take a closer look. Up close, it’s beautiful wildlife in Thailand.

Tarantula spider on tree in Malaysia. Wildlife Malaysia.

A large tarantula on a tree in Northern Malaysia. Thailand and Malaysia are my favorite wildlife locations.

Juvenile monocled cobra photo from Thailand. Wildlife in Thailand.

A juvenile monocled cobra – Naja kaouthia, hooded and ready to defend itself. This was prior to my letting it go in the rainforest. Of all the wildlife, snakes are probably my favorite.

Thailand slow loris in tree. Thailand Wildlife photos and gallery.

Slow loris in tree, Southern Thailand. These are amazing animals – rare wildlife to see in Thailand, but we see them pretty often. They are usually higher in the trees and good photos are not usually possible.

Sea turtle in Phuket, in the Andaman Sea.

Andaman sea turtle in the ocean off the coast of Phuket Island.

Draco gliding lizard close-up of head. Green and brown with a blue eye. Asia Wildlife gallery images for sale at

Another group of Asia wildlife is the gliding lizards! These have fantastic patterns and are fascinating to watch jumping from tree to tree and floating like falling leaves.

Mountain lizard basking in sun on leaves in Southern Thailand. Wildlife Photo gallery images for sale.

A mountain lizard, Calotes emma species, resting on some long red leaves in Southern Thailand. This is a common lizard.

Jumping spider in Northern Laos for a wildlife photo gallery.

A very small jumping spider, shot in Laos for this wildlife photo gallery.

Triangle keelback snake from Southern Thailand wildlife collection.

A triangle keelback, not usually a biter, being hand-held by a friend during a night time field trip in Southern Thailand. These are mildly venomous snakes which are night time hunters.

Red-headed Krait (Bungarus flaviceps) - deadly wildlife in Southeast Asia.

A deadly red-headed krait in the dense rainforest of Trang province in Thailand. One of my absolute favorite snakes.

Paradise tree snake in Thailand - one of the flying snakes. Wildlife Asia Gallery.

One of the amazing tree snakes which can glide in the air as it jumps from tree to tree or tree to ground.

Venomous Wagler's pit viper snake in yellow morph. Deadly Wildlife gallery collection.

Wagler’s pit viper comes in many color variations, here is a very yellow snake with black markings. Part of the deadly wildlife in Thailand.

Red-tailed racer snake with blue and black tongue. Exotic wildlife gallery collection.

Bright green “red-tailed racer” snake with blue and black tongue is one of the most exotic wildlife animals in Southeast Asia




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