Below are some of the cameras and lenses we recommend for wildlife photography.


  • D5600 – small DSLR ideal for beginners with some interesting features.
  • D500 – my #1 recommendation for wildlife photography cameras.
  • D610 – entry-level full-frame DSLR. Recommended.
  • D850 – Nikon’s newest full-frame pro-level camera which really, makes the D5 obsolete.
  • D5 – Nikon’s top full-frame camera (until the D850 came out).


  • 70D – small DSLR ideal for beginners wanting a Canon system.
  • 1Dx – the best Canon made, but still far inferior to Nikon D850 and D5 in many ways.


Some of the considerations you should take into account before you purchase a camera for wildlife photography are:

  • Weather Sealing – Waterproofing – Dustproof
  • If doing night flash photography – are any of the buttons backlit?
  • Full-frame or Cropped-Sensor?
  • Zoom lenses or prime (non-zoom) lenses?
  • Cost of Canon vs. Nikon (Nikon is higher)
  • Availability of spare lenses, bodies, accessories – in Thailand, for instance, it’s 80% Canon.
  • Video capability – if you’re going to shoot some. Cameras differ wildly.
  • Used vs. New gear – camera bodies show wear if overused, you can maybe get good deals on used equipment and save hundreds of dollars off the new price.